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Dental Bridge


dental bridge

Dental Bridge



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Single tooth porcelain veneer


porcelain veneer

Mr J S presented with chief complaint of discolored old filling on his front tooth. Porcelain veneer was planned to match his other crown. Started treatment in June 2013 finished July 2013.

Single tooth composite veneer


composite veneer

Patient presented with chief complaint of front fractured tooth. At this stage as patient was quite young composite veneer was the treatment of choice.

Two anterior teeth porcelain veneers


Mrs J.L presented with 2 chipped front teeth. These teeth were restored with porcelain veneers. Started Oct 2013 finished Dec 2013.

Four anterior teeth porcelain veneers


porcelain veneer

Mrs K.C presented with chief complaint of gaps and chipped edges on her front teeth which made her more conscious about her smile. Porcelain veneers with minimal preparation were planned for her treatment. Started June 2013 and finished July 2013.

Full smile porcelain veneers


porcelain veneer

Mrs W K main concern was her discolored teeth, which made her cautious of smiling.
Full smile reconstruction started in Dec 2012 and finished Jan 2013.

Bridge work to replace missing anterior teeth


dental bridge

Mrs M.F had to wear a removable partial denture for more than 20 years to replace her missing front lateral incisors. She was seeking for a fixed option. Due to lack of enough room for implant placement conventional bridges were planned. Started early Feb 2013 and finished by end of Feb.

Single anterior tooth implant supported crown


dental implant

Upper jaw rehabilitation


full mouth reconstruction

Mr G.M presented in February 2013 complaing of several missing upper teeth and unsatisfactory upper jaw partial denture. his treatment plan was upper jaw rehabilitation consisting of teeth and implant retained bridge work.

Overdenture supported with implants


implant retained overdenture

Mr K M had full upper and lower dentures for more than 35 years. His lower denture in particular was loose enough to affect his diet. Two implants were placed in his lower jaw and then a new set of denture was retained to them. He surprised himself by biting into an apple after 20 years he mentioned on his post treatment check up. Started June 2012, finished Nov 2012.